Podcast #014 Filthy Rich

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Manoj Raithatha is a man who does not live life in small measures. He has been an English teacher, a BAFTA award winning and Emmy-nominated TV writer and a successful property entrepreneur – so successful in fact that his business at its height in 2007 was turning over £70 million a year and in 2005 he was able to buy 220 off plan appartments for £30 million. However, his life changed dramatically after the financial crisis of 2008. Also in that same year his 2 year old son became critically ill.

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Manoj has written an autobiography entitled “Filthy Rich: The Property Tycoon Who Struck Real Gold.”

Do join us on this podcast conversation with Manoj as we discuss his life along with the consequences that led to – the good, the bad and the ugly.

It is a story that spans generations; British, African and Asian cultures as well as radically changing world views.

We look at how financial success and spirituality have been competing areas of focus in his life. It was coming to the end of his own resources, financial, emotional and spiritual that opened him up to what really matters in life.

Manoj’s publishing community at Instant Apostle is here.

A podcast and further articles on money are here.

A podcast and articles on finding true success are here.

What questions, thoughts and reflections does Manoj’s life story raise for you?

5 thoughts on “Podcast #014 Filthy Rich”

  1. I was feeling quite dissatisfied recently, just felt like I was walking on the treadmill of life, that I’ll just grow old and die and the world will keep spinning, and only a small web of people will ever know I existed and I’ll be lost in the sands of time forever, but then yesterday as I sat at the kitchen table with my daughter eating dinner, my wife in the kitchen, I suddently felt a peace and tranquility that I had not felt for a long time, total equilibrium with the universe, like everthing was enough and OK, with no illusory neurotic thoughts to plague me whatsoever. Today I feel in the middle of those two extremes, but more on the optimistic side, a feeling of doing good where I can in order to contribute in a tiny positive way to the interconnected web of life.

    1. …. the relevance for me in relation to this post is that whilst constantly striving to ‘achieve’ and ‘succeed’ and get ‘more’ is something we have to do in order to exist in this Western world (we can’t all be Monks meditating all day), obsessing on the material leads only to sadness and dissatisfaction. Very cliched thing to say but what we have already is a blessing enough sometimes.

      1. Absolutely Karl! I think the key is seeing how blessed we are in the here and now, rather than feeling we would be happy if we had or got something.

  2. Really glad you interviewed Manoj on this podcast, and it was really timely as I had just finished his book! His story is comforting and acts as a good tale for me as a younger entrepreneur.

    1. Yes Manoj’s story is a timely reminder about having the right perspective about money – a good servant that gives options and opportunities, but a dangerous master that can be so hard to please.

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