Podcast #002 Success

How do you make sense of success?

Success! We are all looking for it in some way or other. How do we make sense of success in an increasingly challenging and complex world?


Do come and join my co-host Andrew Horton and I as we explore:

– cultural ideas of success

– linking success to excellence and fulfilment

– why success is first an inside job

– distinguishing between process and outcome goals

– timeless measures of success

– success as “having those who know me the best, love and respect me the most, and finishing well.”

– how my friend Bunty’s sudden death in 2014 has affected my understanding of success.

– the top 5 regrets of the dying

For all this and much more do listen to the podcast!

The transcript of this episode can be found here.

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7 thoughts on “Podcast #002 Success

  1. sunil, I love your definition of success. It leaves a lot of room for variety and creativity. And it isn’t all about money or power.

    • Thank you Kathleen
      Yes that is well put – we need definitions of success that can empower us to grow and develop us to grow as human beings.

  2. If we want to be success on a level that makes us truly satisfied,then it is must to depend on God. Success not make happiness but happiness make success.