Podcast #052 What Is Your Secret Name?

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That may well seem a strange question to ask. It comes from my conversation with Kary Oberbrunner (who I introduced in Podcast #051). Kary has released the second edition of his book, “Your Secret Name: An Uncommon Quest To Stop Pretending, Shed The Labels and Discover Your True Identity.”

You can get a flavour of our conversation from the 2 minute video conversation with Kary below (apologies for the lighting changes towards the end and yes I do need to tidy up my office!):

On the podcast we learn about this uncommon quest that begins with an ancient story of envy and concludes with a fresh vision of yourself. Kary introduces to us what it means to:

  • Reinterpret your past so you can stop hiding behind performance and pain.
  • Reconnect with your Creator, core, and community so you can live bigger and bolder without fear and self-judgment.
  • Reimagine a new future so you can experience life without limits, borders, or boundaries.

I also get Kary to reveal more about his own life story and struggles in a way he wasn’t expecting along with the new freedom he has found in his life. The book has powerfully influenced me in understanding my own secret name.

Do listen to the podcast below and let us know how our conversation impacted you.

The link to the book is also below.



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