Just As I Am

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This short video was made a number of years ago, but explains my spiritual journey in my late teens.

The main themes from this video that we also plan to explore in future blog posts in more details include:

– identity : who am I?
– personal values : what is really important to me?
– loneliness
– spiritual emptiness
– depression
– purpose and meaning in life: why am I here?
– spiritual searching: where can I find answers of substances to the big questions?
– finding intimacy with God
– what it means to be a child of God.

What questions and issues does this video raise for you?

8 thoughts on “Just As I Am”

  1. Hi Sunil,

    I enjoyed watching the video you posted on your blog, especially because I’m interested in issues of interculturality and religious faith. Being an Indian Christian who came to the UK about ten years ago, I can empathise very well with several of the conflicts you faced in your life. This aspect was dealt with very well in the video until the point when you came to faith in Christ. However, I felt that there was a gap in the narrative regarding the cultural conflicts you faced before and after you came to Christ as there is a rather abrupt shift to a settled Christian and married life, where the initial conflicts seem to have been completely and mysteriously resolved. From my own continued experience of cultural conflicts in being ‘Asian’ and ‘Christian’ in the UK, I imagine that these might still be live issues for yourself today. I think it would be useful for myself and others in my situation if you were to fill in those gaps in future video or blog posts, so we can start a conversation about some of these issues. Thanks!

    1. Thank you HI for your insightful comments. You are quite right that the video does quickly jump from my spiritual awakening to a much later period in my life – at least part of the reason has to do with time and budget constraints with the company that commissioned it many years ago! However, I would not want to create the impression that somehow everything has been sorted. Yes there have and continue to be issues to work through in my spiritual journey as well as living in a highly cross cultural context. We will certainly explore these in future blog posts.

  2. Dr. Raheja,

    How nice to “see” you again, you look wonderful, and I enjoyed going through this website very much,and I will look forward to more!

    Kindest regards to you and your family!

    Marsha and Andrew Neal

  3. Hi Sunil,
    I can relate to you in your spiritual journey in a multicultural environment. I have had wonderful experience of learning that there is a higher power who is always there to support us and nurture us. It was glad to see you in Phoenix at PLF Live 2014. I am grateful for all the lives you impact everyday with your expertise.

  4. Dear Sunil, it was refreshing to hear your testimony once again. Truly Jesus transforms our lives and starts where we are, just as we are but does not stop there. Great to see the family grow and be so strong in your commitment to follow Jesus.

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