Podcast #016: Harry Potter and the Hindu Priest

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They say truth is stranger than fiction. In many ways the life story of Rahil Patel illustrates that. To read about it in a novel would sound implausible, even fantastically impossible. And yet here is his life story with such surprising and unexpected twists and turns. But what has this to do with Harry Potter? You will have to keep reading and listening!

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Rahil is of East African Kenyan Gujarati origin. He was brought up in North West London from the age of 5. At the age of 16 he gave a speech in a Hindu temple in London to 3,000 people that won him great acclaim. So much acclaim in fact that the head of the denomination, the Guru, who was there, encouraged him to become a Hindu priest.

And that is what Rahil became. A Hindu priest in a 200 year old denomination with 8,000 centres around the world and 1 million dedicated loyal followers. For 20 years he travelled first class around the world, clocking up 70,000 miles a year and speaking to crowds of thousands.

But at the same time there was a growing sense of inner restlessness and unease. He found himself struggling with doubts and questions. He searched through literature and devoured the Harry Potter series, unpacking for him a fantasy world of friendships and relationships that he previously never knew existed.

It was in 2016 that Rahil did meet J K Rowling and was able to tell her how her Harry Potter books were part of the journey to his spiritual awakening.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves! On this podcast I have the privilege of interviewing Rahil about his life and search for spiritual fulfilment. Do join us in this fascinating discussion that really shows how truth can be stranger than fiction.

After you have listened to the interview with Rahil you may well be interested in his book ‘Found By Love’ that is available below.

How does Rahil’s life story speak to you?

8 thoughts on “Podcast #016: Harry Potter and the Hindu Priest”

  1. Great interview Sunil and Rahil, and I loved how he serendipitously came across Rowling in the end, which reminds me a little of how I came across Peter Hitchens in the Starbucks near Langham Place.

    The whole process Hindu priest process and lifestyle as described seems to be about brainwashing and personality cult, and I wonder how many who were/are not as revered as Rahil dream of an out but feel trapped and overwhelmed by the institution? Being a ‘small cog’ without a life of their own and so dependent on a rich and process-oriented machine, I can only imagine must be extremely difficult to escape.

    I hope that Rahil continues to grow in love for Jesus, and that others would find the inspiration and strength to leave in His name.

  2. This a great interview Sunil. Such an interesting life story to tell with all its twists and turns. I loved it all. I did wonder though, did Rahil ever reunite with his parents.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it as well, Kim.
      Yes Rahil did reunite with his parents. Its in chapter 24 when he finally flew out to see them after 20 years! He is now in touch with them.

      1. Yogita Vijayanand

        That was my question too. Glad he got in touch with his parents! Its almost like a Saul turning to be a Paul. Not a dull moment. Enjoyed it much Dr Sunil:)

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