Cross Cultural

Food and culture

One of the most obvious ways we see the impact of culture is in all the activity that goes on around the area of food. I am of Indian Punjabi origin and it is interesting how food is such an important part of life. When a host asks you if you want to eat something it is customary to be asked on several occasions and to keep refusing before finally agreeing on the fourth or fifth request. I didn’t realised how ingrained this was within me until after I moved
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What do we mean by culture?

What is culture? A helpful definition I could come across is: “The sum of attitudes, customs and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another. Culture is transmitted through language, material objects, ritual, institutions and art, from one generation to the next.” So in, other words, it is much more than the clothes people wear or the food they eat. It is how a certain group of people instinctively think and behave. It is so ingrained in them that it becomes a part of who they are. Rather like
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Just As I Am

This short video was made a number of years ago, but explains my spiritual journey in my late teens. The main themes from this video that we also plan to explore in future blog posts in more details include: – identity : who am I? – personal values : what is really important to me? – loneliness – spiritual emptiness – depression – purpose and meaning in life: why am I here? – spiritual searching: where can I find answers of substances to the big questions? – finding intimacy with
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